Kids' Cooking

Menu Plan

How to fast track your kids cooking easy, healthy family meals

...even if they're pre-readers.

Has the kitchen become a place you dread?

You're tired of the morning rush to get breakfast on the table that's usually only half-eaten...

You grind your teeth from the comments that come after you actually put in the work to make something healthy...then stare in defeat at all the dishes in the sink that demands a massive clean-up...

You're exhausted by the end of the day and end up grabbing takeout or yet another frozen pizza...

You never know what to cook and dread menu planning...which reflects in your eye-popping grocery and takeout bills.

There has to be a better way of feeding your family.

And it's easier than you think.

A cooking system lovingly tailored for FAMILIES

Here's why you may be struggling with your menu planning and meal prep:

  • THE TIME: you're so busy with the daily housework, schooling help, and keeping everyone sane, healthy, and happy, cooking meals has become more of a desperate compromise
  • THE HELP: you'd prefer to cook everything beyond Mac n Cheese, because it always seems to be more work and so much longer when the kids "help" in the kitchen 
  • THE MENU PLAN ITSELF: you've never found a meal plan that fits your family. The recipes are either too pricey, too time-consuming, or too fancy for what your kids want to eat and it's such a chore to sit down to do it.

And there are 2 big misconceptions holding moms back from finding a solution that works.


MYTH 1. My kids are too young

Even if your kids are little, can't read the recipes, or have special needs, they can still give REAL help for family meals. 

TRUTH. Even pre-readers can use these recipes

My 5 y.o. and her brother with a severe cognitive delay could both make breakfast and lunch independently with the beginner recipes.

MYTH 2. I don't have time to teach new recipes

I want to give your family an easy system that will free up boatloads of time you normally spend in the kitchen.

TRUTH. You only have to put in a quarter of time

With a themed menu plan, you can fast track your kids' cooking by teach one recipe and tweaking the flavours each week.

And can I tell you something mom to mom?

Your kids are fully capable of being a significant help in the kitchen, no matter their age or ability. 

They can't wait to pitch in - they just need the go-ahead from you.

If you're tired of stressing over how to feed your family healthy meals without costing you time or energy, this menu plan is for you.

What you need is a dependable kid-friendly meal plan that is simple enough that even pre-readers can jump in but flexible enough that it grows with your kids' abilities and creativity in the kitchen.

Are you ready for a refreshing change?

May I officially introduce the Kid's Cooking Menu Plan?

A themed menu plan for kids that will fast track their confidence in cooking family meals, freeing up significant time for busy moms.

K.C.M.P. teaches your family how to quickly and easily get healthy meals on the table all your kids grow vital life skills in cooking, cleaning, hospitality, and service. 

Interested in learning how you can learn to like your kitchen again when you divide the work and get real help?

Saves you time

with the digital and printable menu plan

so you don't have to waste any more time wondering what to make or wasting money shopping for what you "may" need

Less stress

because of the done-for-you recipes that save hours of searching for weekday meals that your family will accept. Easy, low-prep, simple ingredients, and fun

Capable kids

with a system built for all ages and abilities to learn recipes quickly and confidently so you can have help in the kitchen as early as this Monday. They'll be so proud to share their new skills

Kids' Cooking Menu Plan



  • A meal plan that grows with your kids with no-cook breakfast and lunch recipes for beginner cooks, stovetop and Instant Pot meals intermediates, and suppers in the oven for advanced cooks
  • Kid-friendly recipes that make independent cooking as easy as possible with visual pictures for beginners, large font and simple instructions for intermediate cooks
  • Minimal time to master a recipe because of the 1x4 framework: using themes to teach once and get recipes for the next 3 weeks
  • Cut down on expensive takeout and unhealthy frozen dinners when your kids can whip up healthy meals from scratch 
  • Keep your flexibility with room to change the flavours, add in family favourites, and fit in that new recipe you've always wanted to try

So practical!

Looks like a great idea! Would love to get my kids in the kitchen more!



Purchase the Kids' Cooking Menu Plan today!

Maria, creator of Stand Up, Reach Out

sounds awesome, but why should you LISTEN TO ME?

About five years ago, my health was crashing.

5 young kids, some with medical and special needs, and I was freshly diagnosed with a chronic illness.

I remember sitting on the floor fighting my mom-guilt because we were going to have cereal for supper - again - and I knew there had to be a better way to balance my real health problems with being able to take care of my family.

Up until then, I had been stubbornly brushing aside all the "Mommy, can I help"s because I mistakenly thought I didn't have the time or energy to teach my kids anything new.

And I helped myself right into a trip to emerg, which became a turning point for our family.

So while sitting on the stretcher, I thought up a simple meal plan for the day that my beginner to advanced cooks could follow easily with minimal help from me.

I had no idea how much we would all thrive because of it.

Nowadays is a completely different story.

My health is the best it's ever been - and my kids won't let me in the kitchen much anymore.

They're in charge of one breakfast and one lunch a week. as well as take turns to stock the snack bin.

Requests to start making one supper a week have been coming in...

They've taken my kid-friendly recipes and ran with them - customizing spices and ingredients, adding their own creative flair each week, naturally growing skills in hospitality as they consider setting the table and their siblings' favourite foods.

My kids have become quite possessive of Their Cooking Day, even working around sleepovers with grandparents so they won't miss out on what they've been planning to make.

It's been years since they started cooking, but they still beam each time they present their meal to the family.

And I am sincerely bouncing on my toes (not from too much coffee, promise!) to share that family cooking system with you.

Now it's your turn...

A family cooking system that saves you time in the kitchen:


The baby kept you up all night, you're late coming down for the morning rush... but your kid has just finished putting breakfast on the table.

It's noon but you need a few more minutes to finish your latest project... then you remember it's your youngest's turn to make lunch and you've got an extra 10 minutes after all.

Suppertime already?!  But your oldest volunteers to help and you're amazed you still have energy to try that new recipe on your list...

How exciting would it be to gain energy because of capable help from the whole family?!

healthy eating habits
sample menu
grocery list


What's the youngest age/ability that can make these recipes?

My 5 y.o. was able to make at least 1-2 breakfasts and two lunches a week on her own with the right tools (an electric can opener). Sometimes her "intermediate" brother would make-ahead something that she could then serve that morning.

Once she could safely use the toaster/blender and plug things in (which was sooner than I expected), she was able to make 4 breakfasts a week and even a supper under my "hands-off" supervision. 

Is this a membership where I get a new meal plan each month?

No, it's a one-time purchase. This is a themed plan for each weekday in a month (weekends are a free-for-all to leave room for lazy days and spontaneity).

Because kids need repetition to master a new task quickly, a repeating menu plan works best for the fastest results. Families will repeat this meal plan each month. 

This adds dependability for grocery shopping too! I save so much time and money because I need the same staples each time. K.C.M.P. even loosely sticks to a "meat of the week" to save money by buying bulk and using for multiple meals. When I see a sale, I jump on it!

Won't my kids get tired of the same thing each month? What about picky eaters?

Families can still enjoy the menu plan's flexibility - you'll have the freedom to add in new recipes, keep family favourites, and change the flavours because of template recipes. 

For example, my beginners make parfaits each Thursday morning. They can change the yogurt flavour, pick different fruit, add change the toppings each week. 

We've been using the same menu plan each month for TWO YEARS and don't find it boring because each week feels so different. In fact, when I asked my 8 y.o. how he feels about making the oatmeal again this week, he said "No, I still like it. It's so much fun to make it because I like cooking".

And picky eating is no longer a thing in my home once my kids started taking more ownership in making meals. Even foods that aren't favourites are eaten with respect because they now understand about the time and effort and pride that goes into serving a meal for your loved ones.

What would a typical week look like with this menu plan?

Each week has a template recipe that repeats each week, but with a different flavour. For example, Tuesday breakfast is an oat template, where you will have granola, breakfast cookies, oatmeal and overnight oats throughout the month.

For breakfast, there are 2 beginner recipes, 2 intermediate, and 1 advanced.

For lunch, there are 2 beginner, 2 intermediate, and 1 advanced.

Suppers are more for advanced cooks or for myself with cooks-in-training, but I have snuck in some beginner/intermediate recipes for ambitious families.

I continue to make a lot of the suppers because I found this menu plan has rejuvenated my joy in the kitchen. So, yes, I do change up a few of the suppers for my own enjoyment but it's stress-free knowing I have a backup plan of the usual menu plan. 

However, my kids aged 8+ have asked to take over more weekday suppers and even plan some weekend meals - happy dance!

How is K.C.M.P. delivered? How do I know what to teach first?

K.C.M.P. is offered as a course format on a convenient dashboard. You'll receive a link to the digital format of the menu plan on a editable Trello board, as well as printable options. 

You get immediate access to the printable recipes/menu plan/bonus resources and lessons. All updates are included, of course!

I also didn't want you overwhelmed with where to start, so I've included 3 short instructional videos to help you out.

What if I still have more questions? 

I'd love to help out. Send me your questions and we'll figure it out (

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

You can put your mind at ease knowing that the Kid's Cooking Menu Plan is covered by my full 30-day guarantee. Here's the deal. I don't want unhappy customers.

I pride myself on providing a high quality system that works if you do the work. That means if you follow the steps I teach you, then I know you're going to love the results. 

If within 30 days you've implemented the strategies and you're unhappy for whatever reason, just email me and you'll get a refund.

get the capable help you need in the kitchen.

Easy recipes + fast implementation

= happy family

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