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Maria, creator of Stand Up, Reach Out

Well, hi there! Allow me to be a polite Canadian and introduce myself...

Maria @ stand up, reach out

I help moms thrive in their calling so they can raise wholesome, can-do, faith-filled families.

  • I have a degree in Psychology, specializing in child development
  • I am passionate about easing the load for moms by teaching kids life skills (like chores, cooking, and laundry) and spiritual growth
  • My husband and I have travelled to many countries, seeing poverty in ways that are not experienced in Canada, which has taught me how much I can GIVE
  • We're raising our 3 children and are fostering 2 medically-fragile, special needs children. We’ve been fostering for over ten years, which has meant hundreds of further training in trauma, brain development, and building healthy relationships.
  • I have been extensively involved in my Church community, first youth ministry, then music ministry, now mentoring. God is my WHY for getting up in the morning

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Helping moms thrive

so they can raise wholesome, faith-filled, can-do kids.

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