Let me be a polite Canadian and introduce myself:

Friendly, heart-to-heart advice paired with action steps for the whole family.

My degree in Psychology and 1 118+ hrs of extra training in child development and behaviour has sparked a mission:

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I teach overwhelmed moms how to simplify your routines and share the load...

so that you can wake up energized and go to bed content with your day.

Even if you have a chronic illness.

You're exhausted or burned out.

Or have kids with complex needs.

I can help you thrive in any season because - I live with all of that!

 A few years ago (while lying on a stretcher in emerg), I had this epiphany  that I didn't have to do all.the.stuff. My family and I were a team.

And now all my kids do laundry independently, cook weekday meals and I have a tidy kitchen countertop and floor by the kids' bedtime!

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Think of me as your favourite barista giving you an extra shot of espresso!

A-ha moments that pack a punch - exactly what moms need to intentionally raise wholesome, faith-filled, can-do kids.

Star Products

Scheduling Magic

S.M. is a 7-day course for overloaded, faith-filled moms who need help organizing their busy day…even with kids underfoot.

kids in the kitchen

Kids Cooking Menu Plan

Your kids will quickly and easily get healthy meals on the table all month longgiving exhausted moms a break!


Cultural Family Nights

Tired of watching movies? Enjoy easy (authentic) menus, conversation starters, and unique activities related to 12 unique countries.


Family Toolkits

We can’t make life go smoothly for our kids, but we can equip them with tools to handle curveballs with calm and creativity.


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nail down what's not working in your schedule

How well is your schedule working for you? This quiz will highlight where there are missing ingredients and what to do about it in a personalized tipsheet.

10 instant motivators to turn reluctant kids into helpers


Turn reluctant kids into helpers! Try these 10 instant motivators to gain cooperation so the job gets done painlessly.

prayer journal pages

inspired and lovely prayer (with less distraction)

These pages help you to confidently handle distraction, forgetfulness, and lack of direction. Print off your quick guides so you can comfortably settle into God's heart.



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